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The 4 Pack Customer’s Choice Special Psilocybe cubensis microscopy kit selection is presented to provide an inexpensive alternative to those interested in microscopy of multiple strains of Psilocybe cubensis.

Attention: Desired strains can be selected from the stock Ps. cubensis spore syringes listed below. Type the desired strains in the text box below.

NOTE: if you are willing to accept substitute strains for items that may be temporarily out of stock, select the option below (this may speed the processing of your order).
Albino A+



Colombian Rustspore

Costa Rica


Golden Teacher


Malabar Coast


Nepal, Chitwan

Albino Penis Envy (APE ver. 1.0)

Penis Envy

Penis Envy Uncut

PES Amazonian

PES Hawaiian

PF Standard

Puerto Rican

Treasure Coast

Spores Syringes are the commonest psilocybe mushrooms on the planet. We carry spores from psilocybe cubensis from all world wide, a lot of which We’ve gathered ourselves from touring the globe and dealing carefully with other mushroom enthusiast who enjoy amassing spores and documenting mushrooms within their natural habitat.

Morchella, the real morels, can be a genus of edible mushrooms carefully relevant to anatomically more simple cup fungi during the get Pezizales (division Ascomycota). These distinct fungi Have got a honeycomb visual appearance, mainly because of the community of ridges with pits composing their cap. Morels are sought by thousands of fans each individual spring for his or her supreme flavor as well as get more info thrill of your hunt, and they are really prized by gourmet cooks, significantly in French Delicacies.

This is certainly the preferred mushroom for novices and is the top choice for introductory mushroom cultivation demonstrations. You will notice clumps of spore groups of tens of Many spores. That is uncommon During this sector as a lot of spore sellers market inexpensive, apparent syringes with barely any spores in them. A single spore is just too little to see Along with the eyes and 600X magnification is necessary to see an precise spore. 1000X is ideal. For every  black dot you may see which is cluster of thousands of spores. Additional are spread as a result of the solution besides the black clumps.

Spores Syringes for your Innovative Mycologists. Exotic species from worldwide. Advanced competencies needed. Should you be a starter don’t acquire these spores right until you gain much more knowledge and know-how.

This characteristic appears to be unique for the “B+” between cubensis. When young and completely hydrated the cap provides a clear amber colored layer of cells that swiftly oxidizes on removing to a more opaque blue gray shade.

In possibly scenario, a glovebox and very good sterilization strategies are going to be essential. Lookup glovebox teks or invest in just one, and take a look at the sterile method thread.


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