Top Service From Cali Weed Store

We are medical marijuana grower, caregiver, and supplier. Apart from giving you the best top shelf quality products, we also offer the following services. We keep all our clients up to date with happenings in the 420 community and show how they can benefit from these happening. We point out all the opportunities available at a particular point in time and show our clients how to take advantage of it.  We can help our clients to start up their own delivery service, retail store, dispensary or farm. We take them to step by step through the legal procedures as necessary.

We Always Care

Our Work doesn’t end right after the donation is made,  we stay in touch and offer after sale assistance to customers in need. We help customers to choose the best strains/products for their condition.

Make A High-Quality Products

Consumer satisfaction is a key our foremost concern, we make sure that the quality we give out to customers is of the best quality. We do not have any inferior quality whatsoever that’s why all our clients an always pleased!

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